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Snap Happy? Insta-Etiquette 101
Snap Happy? Insta-Etiquette 101 | New Zealand Weddings Magazine

Snap Happy? Insta-Etiquette 101

An intimate event shared by only those present, or a fully blown Facebook free-for-all? Whatever you feel your wedding day should be, here's how to communicate it to your guests. 

For your eyes only
If you’re not keen on your guests posting images on Facebook or Instagram at your wedding, include a simple sentence on your wedding invitation to that effect, or ask that no cameras be brought to the wedding. Guests still love taking pictures, so set aside some funds in your budget for some fun disposable cameras to place on the tables instead. You can also ask your MC to announce your request for no photosharing on social media at the beginning of your reception dinner. 

Share and share alike
If you can think of nothing better than having your special day immortalised on social media, make the most of your guests’ involvement and get creative. Set up a wedding hashtag that reflects the personality of what you want your day to be like and include it on your wedding invitation, or encourage your guests to share their snaps on the day with fun apps like, Capsule, AppilyWed, GuestShots, Wedding Party, Cake Face or WedPics. 

For guests: Social media etiquette checklist
It always pays to ask – so if you’re unsure what the photo-sharing policy of the day is, take initiative and ask the bride and groom yourself in the lead-up to the wedding whether they are happy for you to share pics on their wedding day, and if they are, if they’d like you to get involved in a particular way. Chances are they’ll be grateful that you asked and you can pass the message on to other guests to let them know what the bride and groom’s feelings on photo sharing. 

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