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5 Tips for Dressing Flower Girls
5 Tips for Dressing Flower Girls | New Zealand Weddings Magazine

5 Tips for Dressing Flower Girls

​​A well-dressed flower girl makes a happy flower girl. Take note of these key pointers to create an ensemble you’ll both love. 

  • Dresses in lightweight fabrics will prevent your flower girl overheating in hot weather, but swathe her in a rich material such as velvet in the cooler months.
  • While it’s cost effective to hire page boy attire (try Frank Casey), cute flower girl dresses can be worn again, so they’re worth investing in.
  • On the day, suggest your fairy princess gets dressed at the last minute, so her ensemble will be wrinkle-free when it’s time for her to flit down the aisle.
  • If your wedding’s in autumn, swap petals in your flower girl’s basket for amber leaves. Give older kids bubble blowers.
  • As a thank you, present your little one with a special piece of jewellery that she’ll hold dear for years to come. 
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