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Bridal hair: Five minutes with Leisa Welch
Bridal hair: Five minutes with Leisa Welch | New Zealand Weddings Magazine

Bridal hair: Five minutes with Leisa Welch

Joico’s Leisa Welch was the creative mind behind our runway hairstyles at New Zealand Fashion Week – here, she shares her insights on achieving a winning bridal look.

If you could give one general rule for bridal hairstyles, what would it be?
It’s important to stay true to your personal style – changing your look entirely for your wedding isn’t a great idea. As far as styles go, choose a classic-modern look over a trend-driven style to ensure timeless photos.

What’s an example of a classic-modern look?
Slightly deconstructed updos are popular – they’re elegant without being old fashioned. For an added modern twist, weave braids either on top or on the side of your head.

Would you recommend brides go the DIY route? What are your tips for them if so?
If you want a simple style and you’re a hair whizz, go for it – just make sure you have the right products for the specific look you have in mind, because different formulas will achieve different effects. For example, Joico Structure Beach Texture Spray is great for a boho beach look, while for glamorous volume I turn to Joico’s Body Luxe Root Lift. Make sure you practise the style lots before the big day to nail the look in advance, and have a plan B if the weather ruins your plans.

If a bride is enlisting the help of a professional, is a trial essential?
Absolutely! Not only does this ensure you and your stylist are on the same page, but means you know your planned hair style suits you and that it will wear well over the course of the day.

What are your tips for constructing a hairstyle that will withstand bad weather?
If you can’t avoid the rain and wind, you need to make a decision and adapt your hairstyle for the conditions. Talk it through with your stylist, because the solution may be as simple as using a product like Joico’s Humidity Blocker.

What are three must-have items for a bride’s beauty bag?
A mini power spray to tame early evening frizz, dusting powder to give flattened hair added volume and bobby pins to reign in straying strands.

For more tips and tricks from Leisa, see our Spring issue (out October 7!)

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