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Insider Secrets: Abbeville Estate thumbnail image

Insider Secrets: Abbeville Estate

New Zealand Weddings magazine got an insider’s guide to Auckland’s stunning Abbeville Estate, location of our Dream Wedding, from Sue Fleischl of The Great Catering Company. more

Etiquette: Just Ask Sian thumbnail image

Etiquette: Just Ask Sian

Relationship expert Sian Jaquet has answers to all your decorum dilemmas. Got a question for her? Send it to with the subject line ‘Just ask Sian’. more

Bridal Buzz: November 25 thumbnail image

Bridal Buzz: November 25

Something your bridesmaids will love, something your vegan friends will love, and whole lotta things you'll love - all in this week's Bridal Buzz! more

How To: Guarantee a Good Hair Day for ‘I Do’ thumbnail image

How To: Guarantee a Good Hair Day for ‘I Do’

As well as co-establishing chic Auckland salon Dry & Tea, hair stylist Louise Pilkington has worked on the Milan, New York and Paris Fashion Week runways – here, she shares her top tips for transforming your tresses into the best ... more

Insider Secrets: The Blossom Room thumbnail image

Insider Secrets: The Blossom Room

Whether weaving them into tight structures or creating loosely clustered arrangements, Suzie Lamb from The Blossom Room knows a thing or two about how to work blooms. more

Expert Profile: Tamar Keoghan thumbnail image

Expert Profile: Tamar Keoghan

As both a hairstylist and makeup artist, it’s safe to say Tamar Keoghan can be touted as something of a bridal beauty expert. Here, she talks preparation. more

Bridal Buzz: November 17 thumbnail image

Bridal Buzz: November 17

This week's Bridal Buzz involves both bubbly and chocolate. What could possibly go wrong? more

How To: Write Your Own Weddings Vows thumbnail image

How To: Write Your Own Weddings Vows

It’s one of the most sentimental verses you’ll ever pen, so it pays to do it well – here’s how to create vows that’ll hit all the right notes. more


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